Fleece Blankets

Fleece is known for being one of the softest, warmest fabrics on the market. Snuggling up in a fleece blanket on a cold night can make everything feel better. Knowing more about the how the material is made will help you make a better choice when you’re in the market for a cozy fleece throw or bed blankets. 

Fleece can be made from cotton, polyester or a cotton/acrylic blend. Each material offers its own benefits. No matter what it’s made of, the best fleece is plush and velvety soft. Shearing on both sides is a mark of good-quality fleece. Not only does shearing add an extra touch of softness, it helps the blanket to resist pilling and look beautiful longer. 

Material weight also affects the quality and durability of fleece blankets. Fleece measuring over 400 grams per yard qualifies as heavyweight. Medium or regular fleece weighs 320-380 grams per yard and lightweight fleece weighs in at 200-240 grams per yard. There are benefits to each category. Heavyweight fleece obviously produces a heavier blanket which is preferable for bed blankets or especially cold environments. Lightweight fleece includes the category of ?microfleece” which is popular for its easy, all-season usability and is often used for throws and decorative blankets.

Post time: Oct-17-2019